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That's beautiful, OE. Gloriously simply beautiful. Thanks for the moment of clarity.

An Unreliable Witness

AMBLAMKBLAM'!KAA has long been one of my favourite words.
Thank you for using it so eloquently.

P.S. I am eternally glad that you have so much time on your hands.


That's as maybe Vaughan, but you still can't use it in our next game of Scrabble.

Pleased to finally learn it's the spermatazoom that leaves the carbon taste at the back of one's throat.


i hate fireworks


yes, oh yes !!
I feel like it was last night all over again.
( brilliant word, spermatazoom, I wish I'd thought of it xx)


That is utterly beautiful.


I want to be this clever.



Not having any idea of the date, that post was lost on me for about 30 seconds.


I get it now though. Very arty...


An Unreliable Witness

I have no idea who this 'Vaughan' you speak of might be, Jack.
No idea at all.
He is an imposter. An impostor, I say.
I shall hunt him down and stab him with pins.

An Unreliable Witness

Please note that I am using both spellings of the word impostor / imposter.
Just to fool the people who shall try and name me.
I'm going now.


....Just my trusty ASCII generator, plus a bit of hand-stitching. Below is the unmangled text. OE.

chumph cheeoevvvfssss
Spermatazoom. Ion lines, spectrometer-bursting resonances and heedless, cheapslut chemical eyejobs.

firecrackap-pka pakapa pakpkakkap! ! pkakapapaak! pkpkpkapaapkpk!!!

Stun-stars and dizzy-twinkles, sibilance and plosives from a tchoom-taste of the sky's eventual screamblaze, last-gasp galaxy desperately trying to explain something to us in a whole syntax of BANG! but all we could understand was LOOK! Horizon-popping but at least this way you get to see-smell taste-touch exactly where the carbon goes, eh? zeewo shwweo dzeeeeoooaa Then Brownian whizzwhirls; backmeteors; unresolvable, migraine sparklestripes; retina gouging, over and over until afterimage is image and can't tell which. Redgreen goldblacks like the noise from behind eyes squashed closed. Only louder. A comedy of panicking muddle-whistles like flap-aunts fleeing from a sudden spiderflash.

Nasty and commerce flickerdiodes making roundels from young wrists and vvvm vvooomm too-blue rainbowfans of plasticky lightsabres against dark. Tiny blond children gabbling in Polish but - beautifully but - saying the onomatoepoeia in *English* BANG BANG SMASH SMASH splatter-spunctuating their European like lights the sky. Other children countdowning and stop-starting TEN NINE as if reaching BLASTOFF on its own can make the launch happen.

Is that the last one-shprrooomf!! that must be the last-tssspOFFF! can't be any more... no.
"I've seen better in my garden"
"Yeah but you didn't have to pay to get in"

Smellsmoke of burnt onion-ketchuprika burgerpowder and gun-blackened cinnamon charcoal vinegar matchheads like flint-flash liquorice tea. Silkly and smellcurl round the nose almost visible of sweetspun fluffcandy flossh, delicate filament-prickle of spun sugarhaling breathetaste and burr-bobbling in the moisture-molastic and sticklippy - pink flavour or white? Shiff shaff shfish-fash fish fash through leaves wading and brown crinkle splishff splashing though shallow shore waters.

I turn and suddenly notice the cold, standing next to me the whole time.



Let's go again!


Yes, but I'd like to hear you try reading that aloud for us.

Silver Lining

Wow! Oooooohhhh and Aaaaaaah indeed :-)


ure quite special you know.....dont let anyone tell you differently


Pretentious codswallop. Re-cycled and unoriginal. Trying too hard to please?

Chris Williams

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re above
...are you out of lube ....?

An Unreliable Witness

You've got to admit that Chris is a persistent little bugger, isn't he?

Note: "bugger" may not be the right word. Actually, no, it definitely isn't.


Tit Clamps!


This tour de force is worthy of the greatest sound/concrete poets - Edwin Morgan, Ernst Jandl, Kurt Schwitters.


nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn;m.m.m.m..m .mmmm m.,m mm ,mlm.m?'


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