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I used to think there's not much a good dollop of ketchup can't cure. Time since has suggested this may have been a rather simplistic worldview, all things considered, but still...
Have a good night, fella, hope the morning brings brighter, breezier, enduring-er interludes...
Maybe you should just, er, treat yourself to some new... shoes...? Nah, me neither...
Happy/happier Wednesdaying...


Losing weight is always such a good thing. I dont see how it could ever be misconstrued as a bad thing...unless it's anorexia. It isnt, is it?


just recently been in the wgt loss game.....had a bit of a love hate thing going on with it. It brought lots of pity attention.....which i liked cos it made me feel that people cared but on a downside meant that i looked like shit and all my clothes didnt fit. Ive put on about half stone now since the worst xmas ever.....


I'm genuinely not sure what's causing the weight loss. It's slow but noticeable, people have remarked on it.
I am eating better and drinking less, but stress is also a factor.

I was certainly the overweighteditor before - so yes, it is a positive development. I also FEEL thinner, less lethargic.

And I feel better overall, at least as I write this.

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