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It was only a matter of time before you started to think like that...

Rather you than me, thats all I can say.


What a lovely dream .....I hope she comes to you again. She sounds like an angel



It can surely be an interesting and rewarding perspective -- looking beyond the surface and pretense of daily life. Perhaps the dream offers a subtle insight to a possible upcoming event in your life, and certainly if she's stunningly beautiful then get rubbing your hands together right now! (Not to be superficial you do understand).

I've often wondered what it'd like to be 'gay'. My parents used to question me when I was younger about this, but it's something I've not considered for myself, but I've never, ever been homophobic -- I guess that is what we call freedom, right?

Kept myself open at all times to all sorts of possibilities -- no matter how surreal, and even though I'm not as inhibited as you seem (Which isn't at all a bad thing), I still find comfort in transcending far beyond the 'safety level' of 'sanity'. I just wish mainstream journalism was like that, instead there's so much corruption and temperance in mainstream journalism. And that's just one aspect where I'd like to fall nicely into the individual journalists and independent media groups such as AIM (Australian Independent Media).

I believe society needs to finally realise that there's far more to life than nights out on the town, working 9 until 5, and reproduction. So much more in fact. And as a global population, we are all inhibited to some degree by our own imaginations and our false sense of relayed reality.


Maybe it's a daughter you already have, but don't officially know about yet.

Yes, that could soon be you - scaling Big Ben in a Spiderman outfit...

the girl you'll never know

I feel compelled to comment on this post and I don't care that you wrote it over a year ago and you probably don't think much of it now and I don't care that you know that I've been shamelessly fondling your archives trying to find more of you and I don't care that you may never read this or know who I am. You've unknowingly, unwittingly touched me and I feel compelled to leave a small piece of me here and say that heterosexuality and reproduction and DNA haven't read so hot in a long fucking time.


the girl who - thank you and welcome. Come to think of it, lots of my posts are about sex, not something I planned from the outset.

the girl you'll never know

Thanks for the welcome. I was curled up with you all weekend. The fact that a lot of your posts were spontaneous sex explains why I kept needing a cigarette...

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