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I remember this one time in high school, we had a similar discussion, and my teacher asked Miley Silverman to prove that the chair in front of her was real. Miley was a smart, straight-A student and rambled on about something a man named Descarte said, about perceiving, and she got it wrong. So he asked me. I didnt know the answer and to stall for time, I said, "What chair?" Turns out I got it right, and I was percieved as the smartest kid in school for a week.

Anyways, so do you think that the aftermath of that AI is still going on?


What AI?

Aha. Yes the fall-out is still falling out. Aside from the provenance of meat in dodgy restaurants, I must have caught a dose myself, 'cos I'm not sure about anything anymore.

Miss Golondon

do we exist? well, what about, has what the cold war represented really ceased? same tensions, chaos, killing, just different names. And very impressed with chut chut; because not many people who have not studied russian (and i did at uni and in moscow) know that phrase.


Miss golondon - I am a fraud, I found it on the web.

But the rest is all completely true, obviously.

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