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I imagine a long ago report card comment: Never fails to surprise.




I'm ready , I want to go, take me with you......can we go to oe n isabelle crazysexeduplovelyLondon ?


So brilliantly observed, so true. I always thought that my London was the London, the London of pubs, clubs, hangovers, people throwing up on night buses, shitty temp jobs, one night stands, ending up at Christ knows who's house at three in the morning, in Christ knows where, giving blowbacks. But like you say, there are so many other parallel universes. And wherever you are going, please take us there...


You are the Ford Prefect of Old London Town(s). And bravo to that.


Ohhhhh. My head hurts. I wish I had had some of that phelgmy stuff.


The Faraway Tree for fucked up grown ups with a wired imagination.......what land comes next....?

Mark Vane

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