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Couldn't you have countered with..."ok, would you like to go with me one weekend?" or is that prolonging the rejection too long? Like a fly in Raid-induced death-throes. Easier to just whack it with a rolled up copy of The Sun (only thing its good for) than to watch it flail agonisingly..

Incidentally, I was thinking about going to the Tate Modern today. I didn't, I stayed in bed all day instead. But I'd planned on going because my jpg copy of Black Virtue by Matta isn't cutting it anymore, I need a fix of the real thing. If you do go, I recommend you check it out - with the surrealist stuff.

I think it'd be right up your street :)

Oh dear I just want to give you a big hug and say "it'll be alright".
But I'm not gonna cos a) I don't think that patronising you is the way to go, and b) you might get the wrong idea.


That comment wasn't anonymous on purpose. No such luck. I'm just a div.


Good heavens, I haven't heard the word 'div' since 1997.

An Unreliable Witness

I've heard the word 'div' since then. Just not in that context, sadly. Oh, how I wish I had.


"Missing my cue to say something. To tell her she's not ugly."

Careful with deploying even that one, my friend. Sometimes they can be miscues, as I may once have sadly learned.
Oh, how I wish I hadn't.


Seems she lacks an appreciation for the subtle.


Who's to say I didn't mean div in the 'let's seperate some text using html' sense of the word?
Maybe that's what I meant.


Beth - Lovely stuff (although my heart belongs to the Rothko room)

Aidan - Very true. In fact I've edited the post to rephrase what I meant by this. Really wouldn't want that to be mis-hit.

Timbo et al - I recently heard the word 'div' used in the following joke:
"Il Divo - italian for 'the divs' "


Your heart too, eh?

I didn't more for an hour and a half last time I was in there.


springtime.....sunshine...bubbles in the blood... come up very quickly , it's a rush...

I could be your Teuthowenia pellucida....you could be my Grimpoteuthis.


Oh, how I identify with that. And I know Beth's is the confident approach more likely to bring you success in the long run but I'm the same - I'd have my word-scanner turned up to its maximum sensitivity looking for the slightest hint that she didn't want to go.

You should have come with me on Thursday :) We arrived too late to get a slide though.


I like the Rothko room too...there's something so powerful about those canvases, even though they're so simple. Its the kind of place I think about going when I want to sulk or wallow in my own self pity.


Erm, at least you're alive and bursting with hope, which is a damn sight better than the quiet resigned stance I have adopted. Could it be that the lady in question was somewhat slow on the uptake? Despite what you men think, we are not generally mind readers, and some of us are so spaced out that we sometimes need helpful pointers and cues, even cue cards come to think of it!


Jack - There's easily a whole blog in that room.

Isabelle - I wish you'd start a blog so we can get to know you better. Go on... show just a little blog-ankle. Although I reckon I could pass for a Grimpoteuthis most mornings.

Looby - Exactly, I did.

Ariel - That accusation is normally pointed in the other direction! But you're right, I might have another punt.

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