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Note to other readers - don't try it to "The Entertainer", "Imagine" or "Love Machine", they don't quite catch it right. Will keep essaying others, mind...


The more I look at it, the more I think it should be easy-listening.


I'm hearing Bob Dylan, but I think it's the first line that's doing that.


Yeah... monotone drawl and a burst of harmonica between the verses.


Brilliant poem. I hope, as a Gen Xer myself I never start having those opinions. But I probably will, twenty years down the line.


Forgive a double comment - and if such this is then please delete - but I wanted to tell you how good I thought that was.



Apparently Dylan can be hired for corporate events. I'm gonna save up, hire him, force him to sing this.

That'll learn him.


Spot on. I'm also put in mind of those fiftysomethings who retire and announce they're going to move full time to their second home in Spain because "this country's gone to the dogs. Not that I'm a racist or anything, but they just let anyone in to Britain these days. This country's a soft touch", then they can't see the irony in what they're doing.


NIcely done. Doesn't work to teh Girl from Ipanema either. Just so you know.


Betty - My parents too. Mouthing off about Poles moving to the UK to work, and the "disaster" of freedom of movement betweeen EU nations.

Meanwhile, the coffee table groans softly under the "Buying Property in Europe" magazines...


maybe it would sound good to "ill in the head" by Dead Kennedys

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