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If she could read your stories, dip into your mind, then she would surely fall in love with you...


Floricate should be a real word, it makes my tongue happy when I say it.


It's frustrating just reading this
I hope you manage to find those magic words
Life's too short - dare yourself to be honest?


Stuff in the air.


Ah, you kill me, great words, great stories - I loved loved loved your post of last April linked as "I'm past that now" too. But sorry for the subject matter. Some women just don't know what they've got right up their noses...


I too suffer from the plants' fucking. Bastards is right.

Worse than the runny nose (I'm happy rubbing my nose against my sleeve ... I'm sure someone finds that mannerism to be charming, if not erotic), is the itch. The itch of the eyes. The itch of the roof of my mouth and the back of my throat, which causes me to imitate a dog eating peanut butter as temporary salve.

Fantastic fucking post. Makes me jealous. xx, c


"Gamete and two veg" - brilliant. As was the rest. Like Isabelle said, if only she of the hips and walk could read this, 'cept maybe not the between snooze buttons part...although.

Pistil and stamen jiggy jig will be in my thoughts all day now.

An Unreliable Witness

I laughed until watery snot overwhelmed my face.

Sorry. Too much information?


isabelle - Perhaps. But be careful.

Angelalala - thankyou, I was surprised it came back no hits on Google

anxious - hello. I am quite honest but she already said no.

andre - yes. Tons.

Peach - it makes the eyes run. That's my excuse.

clarissa - I enjoyed your dog-butter image

Callisto - I'm shy, that's my problem.

Unreliable - Never too much information! Bring on the fuids, this blog is built on them.


I suppose its one of those masochistic things that we all do - spend time with someone who we'd like a relationship with but it either won't or can't happen. I wonder sometimes if the pain is better than the emptiness. That whole, "I'd rather feel something bad than nothing at all" angle.

I hope she figures it out someday OE...


jizz blizzard .....made me laugh owt loud.....fucking hilarious......stop moaning and snort it up...you swallow...right???


Nature does have a sense of humour - it's always the same, whatever it is that you lack is invariably being paraded under your nose under many guises...


"Herbaceous porn". The best description of hayfever ever. I'm gonna give you a fucking medal for writing this, you clever/funny bastard.


I am a chronic sufferer. Next time, I look forward to moaning about sitting in a swirling vegetable jizz-blizzard. (Credited to OE, of course).



Annie Rhiannon

"If she could read your stories, dip into your mind, then she would surely fall in love with you..."

I agree. Just give her your blog URL and watch the love pour in.


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Chuck Hummer

Cool stuff!

Chuck Hummer

Cool stuff!

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