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dear dear god, that is hilarious...


not much of a girlfriend but shes the only oe i got

And you're the only oe I want.

Some of those are quite worrying, I can only hope they found their answers elsewhere. Away from other people.


I like them all, but especially "How old must you be to become an old geezer?" and "The Executive Sandwich". What IS the matter with people?


so so funny.

Invader Stu

and I thought I got strange search results due to my posts about the red light district. You win.

Miles Away

very interesting!

Favourite is "who are the buyer of the whale vomit ?" erm, probably not the person who searched for that.


male dog lethargic heavy breathing

was what brought me a calling

ok, not really but i wish it had


victoria cohen
boob simulator
pig in a bikini

Switch off the internet now, what more do you need...?


I have a major crush on victoria cohen. you wouldn't happen to have any pictures of her, would you?

most of the hits I get seem to be from people searching for hayley atwell.

hayley atwell upskirt, hayley atwell naked, hayley atwell, hayley atwell, hayley atwell. hopefully after this comment, you'll get those hits instead.

An Unreliable Witness

I only come here for "being absent minded and gifted people". Obviously.

Though I had three or four searches last week involving the phrase "overnight editor". Which worried me, naturally. I mean, what kind of disturbed readers do I have?


heh, just gave you another one to add to your list... ;-)


ehfuck ehme.


I stopped adding them to the list, but about half of all the searches that arrive here are from people looking for information on either Ms Victoria Coren or Miss Susie Dent.

But no-one has yet come seeking both at the same time. Although... What a weekend that would be.

Peach - I think you might have just stumbled on a new way to send messages across the internet! And thank you. The feeling is mutual... in both cases.


did you get mine?


Yes. I thought it was Peach playing tricks. I was wrong.

See me afterwards.


'and i still haven't found what i'm looking for' ... or have they?


ha, I wonder what Isabelle sent you! I sent you a five word google starting with I and ending with Overnight Editor.... that's all :-)

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