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Miles Away

i love the way this is cyclical, twisted, and wrought with iron magic.


Somehow I feel that telling my children 'I could eat you all up' will never be the same again.

An Unreliable Witness

I am unhealthily fascinated by dust - though, I confess, not that unhealthily - since a lot of my furniture is light in colour [I call it wood, birch even; you might call it IKEA]. It never appears dusty until you trace the tip of a finger over it and gather those delicate particles, only a milligram lighter than air, on the pads of your digits.

Then, perhaps foolishly, I brush my hands together and bid those particles vanish. Maybe I shouldn't.


Weirdly I almost picked up a Jeff Noon book to read today. Grabbed some A.S. Byatt short stories instead. This post has put me back in the mood for Jeff.

edvard moonke

my girlfriend wants to know why I'm smiling so broadly looking at the laptop screen.

another woman, she thinks.

no, another man...


"It's not really me." Ace.

Your blog is like dust.


little boy cock sex

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