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Darling, you'll never know just how much I fucking understand.

*applauds gently in anticipation of the second act*


bless you, go on... and stop with the explaining



Now, carry on, please.

An Unreliable Witness

More than understood. Much more.

In fact, I may have to contact you with a formal request to use your words in this post as an official explanation on my own site. It would much thing so much easier, and you really have clarified it far better than I ever could.

In the meantime, however, I am impatient. I've been sitting here in the dark for far too long watching advertisements for local Indian restaurants that are "only a few yards from this cinema", and my bucket of popcorn is almost finished. So please get on with Act II.


An Illiterate Witness

much thing? Much? Thing?

Good grief. 'Made things', of course.


Er, UW means "make things"


the modern day shaman....the storyteller

blue soup

The devil is always in the detail.

An Illiterate Witness

*walks away, weeping*

I am never leaving comments at six in the morning ever again.


your roundabout ways make me spin, I can't wait for the next scene...


Understood, Mr Overnight. The reason, I think, that even your most far-fetched stories strike a chord with so many is because they are so clearly rooted in your real life behind those curtains, and (as you say) form part of your efforts to make sense of it. We all understand this because we are all engaged in similar efforts, albeit rarely with your eloquence.


We can't know for certain whether you got kicked out of that place, shagged that girl, were rejected by that other one, or even read Catch 22. Well, I suppose we could quiz you on that last one but that's not the point, is it?

It's clear that you take raw materials and deftly shape them into these amazing stories that run so deep. And that IS the point. You just can't make that stuff up.


Everyone here understands you perfectly... don't explain a thing. And we loves ya. And your stuff is brilliant, no exaggeration.



Lots of people do this, but you are not one of the masses.


if it's not real, what is? keep on ...


yer a daft 'a'p'orth OE, but I take comfort that am not the only one.

edvard moonke

you mean it's not just a load of random stuff without meaning or purpose?

shit, i have to go back and re-read all the posts again now...

Miles Away

very much so, Overnight Editor.

Wisps of truth, somewhere. Hidden in processing, terminology and dreamscape.


Thanks all.

Bugger - now I'll have to actually WRITE something.



Guess I better make a pitstop in the lobby and go get another glass of wine during this intermission...wouldnt want to miss anything!


I'm so behind! I need to take a day off from work and catch up.

I think it's lovely!


"I don't tell what's true. I tell what ought to be true."

-- Blanche "my probable future" DuBois, A Streetcar Named Desire.

An Illiterate Witness

Right. Okay. Come back now, please, because I need some new ideas to steal. If you don't come back, I'll start carrying out the threat to send dead kittens through the post. Er, virtually through the post. Um. Which now I realise it, isn't such a good threat. Damn this bloody internet.


please come back we miss you and your words ....


this much it is
necessary , for people

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