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An Unreliable Witness


This evening I spent three hours staring intently at little audio level bars flickering up and down. it was quite hypnotically fascinating. I cannot see a bloody thing now. On the plus side, I have at least had it confirmed once and for all that it is entirely possible - and probably desirable - to entirely cease brain activity for extended periods of time.

Floors, however, are just far too interesting.

So I win.


Ah. My mind was very active throughout the floor-staring.


Half a lifetime on the sofa/bed/floor/work chair staring at an indeterminate point on the ceiling...it's the way I get things sorted, or not.


"the frozen moment when everyone sees what is on the end of every fork"

Either that, or too raddled to move. I do it often.


When I was a child I used to be able to put myself into hypnotic states by staring at an object or place on the wall until it no longer resembled what it was and became something unfamiliar, alien. It worked with words too, as anyone who has written something for long enough that it loses its meaning knows, but if I carried on past that point and scrawled the same word over and over and over and over it would eventually become sentient, each letter getting up unsteadily on its spindly legs and dancing with other letters around the page, swirling into brand new, never before uttered words that I've never been able to remember as an adult, however hard I try.

Eventually my parents took me to a child psychologist when they changed my sheets one day and found the word 'bingo' covering every inch of the mattress.

The amusing solitary pursuits of the only child.


Jack, were you searching for mecca?

I've just wasted most of a week staring at a monitor and moving one finger of my right hand on occasion. Tragic.


I hope it wasn't a return to the darkness, which can be so beguiling and so destructive. We love you.


Can't top that. I usually resort to some sort of stimulant before that happens.

So you sat deep in thought for an hour and a half. To me that just means that you have a brain and you're not afraid to use it.


Only an hour and a half? You amateur!


Unfortunately Clarissa has guessed correctly.


On the plus side, at least you can find your floor.


You're not the only one wrestling with the darkness at night.


I get that way sometimes watching television. Might as well be staring at the floor.


post festival blues?....get yourself a fish-tank....you'll be lost for days


tell it to piss off


I've done the same thing - but instead of the floor it was at a point on the wall where two bricks meet.

lee b

Been thinking about this question for a few hours now and came up with this: nope.

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