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very Fish Show

I write the future I want, then it comes true, sort of


If i could, I'd bronze the random click that first brought me here.


Lillipilli's comment is right on! Over a year or so ago I stumbled upon the Overnight Editor. I can't remember exactly how; aimless late night surfing. What a productive session it has proven to be.


Damn I wish I could write a story like you! I hate you. Really.

[No, not really.]


I have nothing to add other than: brilliant.


Thanks for the praise...

I started off by wondering whether a story could tell itself (like a person).

But do I kill my blackmailer... Or write him a script that sees him kill me?



Oh, you must kill the blackmailer. Even you wouldn't be so daring as to allow him to live. Would you???

By the way... I would like very specific, step-by-step instructions, please, on how to improve my blog status from 'avarice' to 'lust'.


surely you write the script where he kills himself?

The Girl

All these late nights will kill you, you know.

As you were.


If the perfect crime is a crime no one suspects, you already have too many witnesses.


I honestly think that is the best piece you've written. Not only the base story but the asides are brilliant.

I think I'll write a story in which I kill you in order to claim your stories as my own so I can publish them. Do you mind?


bohémienne - I think that's the ending I'd go for, yes. Don't necessarily assume that "lust " is better than "avarice". But keep flattering me and we'll see.

peach - Hmmm... but why would he do that? He's going to read the script first of course. Unless the script was really clever...

The Girl - Welcome! And it's nice to see someone else turning insomnia to their advantage.

Ariel - But you've been reading too... another witness to take care of.

Loopdilou - Thank you! Personally I don't rate this too highly - it lacks any proper imagery. Maybe I'll write a story in which a dead author's stolen characters come to life, and wreak revenge on their literary thief.

Maybe another story on Wednesday night, this time with imagery.


If you can paint a picture without any paint, why paint? Imagery is overrated (at least it is until I read your next story).

edvard moonke

I didn't read any of it. just saying.

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