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I don't know what is wrong with my mind that makes me wonder what colour the condom might have been for OE to notice it, or indeed what state of arousal Jools was in... Words paint the best pictures. And, er, do they sell condoms in Hamley's?


just about the best OE posts ever... Best definition of hangover hell, best definition of what would be the best sex... and then... posh wanking? time machines? Caipirinhas? (that can't be the right spelling, dude) ?

...and does it say entirely too much about me that I would be WELL into the concept of shagging myself, then being shagged by myself...

yes, yes it does, here's my £15K

I'll bring the coke


Dear Christ no, that sounds like the very *worst* kind of sex. No anticipation, no novelty, no surprises AND I have to watch my own ass wobbling about the place? Ugh.

The Girl

Liking it. All of it. Beautiful. And, erm, if I had £15k spare...


Absolutely brilliant.

Er, anyone know what day it is?

Silver Lining

I'm with Jack. Specially on the watching my own arse front. Although I suppose, being a girl and all, I could be a bit more creative than that... But yes, *yawn* predictability. Could be worse than Christmas-and-birthday type marital sex...


brilliant....I loved the 'getting the bubble back in the middle' imagery....the whole idea reminds me of being in an old wood panelled lift once ,stretchy brass cage door, mirrors on the other three sides, staring at myself, reflected back , staring at myself, reflected back , staring at myself , reflected back, ad infinitum...creepily hypnotic...but better with two I'd say.


This probably says far too much about me, but I just love the condom detail.


Dear all - thanks for comments. Some of what you've said is slightly spooky; this was originally a longer post and I took out some of the details to make it shorter... but some of your comments pick up on precisely the stuff I took out.

Ariel - The condom was blue! dark blue!! Seriously, I originally put that detail in and then took it out! I think he was somewhere in between... like a poor attempt at a balloon animal - I think Hamely's sell those.

Peach - The first one's on me... Funny you should mention but in the original version there was much more on the C.

Jack - you could do it in the dark...

The Girl - Thank you, and thanks also for the link!

Angelalala - I lost track of the days when this happened.

Silver Lining - At least this way you can have your birthday more than once.

isabelle - Yes, like a mirror but without the reversal. "Get the bubble in the middle" was my favourite too.

TSP - Yeah, I started with that image, him running down the street, things flapping.



I want to be inside your mind when you're thinking of something like this.


How I wish you did get that on Dr Who, but with David Tennant, not Tom Baker.


In the dark? What, with the lights off and everything? You pervert.


I agree with Jack, 2 times.

You're a pervert.


I think I know the bar. It's one of my places of nostalgia. I never knew the name, but from the helpful little pics in the link you provide, the one I'm thinking of is Two Floors. Not a great beer selection, but Caipirinhas are on offer.


Clarissa - Yes, it was Two Floors.

edvard moonke

15k to fuck my own arse does sound a little steep, though not as steep as 6 quid for a caipirinha. for the same amount in brazil, you'd be able to buy caipirinhas for everyone of your readers and still have enough left over for your own alcoholic stupor.


Funny, in my mind the condom was yellow but the state of arousal was roughly the same. You do paint a lively picture. Please don't skimp on the details, though, Doctor.


Congratulations OE on a well deserved return to the title, POTW.


You are also invited to be one of the judges next week.


OK asta, I've pinged in an e-mail address.


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