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Black biros, still my choice. Choice without thought, but still choice.


So the 'mislaid' story about the missing biros was exactly where the the missing biros were themselves: with her.

If you ever need to borrow a pen, I'll stand in line to lend you one.


Numbering biros....how much free time did you have?
...that said ....
I did spend an awful lot of my time thinking I was telepathic at Uni


I thought that if I stood in the middle of the philosophy shelves the knowledge would sort of go in by osmosis.


Love the biro experiment.

At university, I used a fountain pen with brown ink to make myself seem non-conformist. I also desperately wanted to wear glasses, despite 20-20 vision.

In our house, though, biros are usually taken hostage by the cat, who plays with them until they end up under a rug. She'll spend some time scrabbling about under the rug, but after a while, she'll just get bored and have a lie down...


how much would a chewed-at-the-end one be in the numerical hierarchy according to her I wonder?


As someone who is capable of taking three biros to a single meeting a coming back with none of them (although, mysteriously, as often as not with some other pen that hadn't been with me when I left) I am intrigued.. almost intrigued enough to consider launching a similar experiment. If you see a Facebook consisting of North Western Housing Professionals exchanging 'found numbered pens' stories then you will know where it started...

Also if you have a theory about lost TV remote controls please don't keep us waiting as we haven't seen ours for two months. It's like the 1980s in our house, if you want to change the channel you have to actually walk across the floor and press one of the little buttons. I know, positively barbaric.


Lillipilli - Bic crystals, choice of champions

clarissa - very true, I hadn't thought of it like that.

pocketpunk - I knew you were going to say that.

looby - did any of it take?

anxious - Cats could be a major source of biro loss I hadn't factored in.

peach - as I recall most of them were chewed. I thought putting the stickers on the ends might stop me, but no.

Jonathan - I velcro my remote controls together into a giant, un-losable uberdoofer.

Sam, Problemchildbride

Unmaking the random is the problem though.



We used to have a small monochrome VGA monitor in the corner of the sitting room, linked to an old PC and a copy of Fractint, and we used to invite people round, then turn out all the lights, turn Fractint on (on colour cycle), hand round a bottle of poppers and play the 12" extended version It's Grim Up North by the KLF, VERY VERY LOUD. But it was never loud enough. I always had to turn it up even more when it got to the Jerusalem bit at the end.

I may have been the only person who ever enjoyed these experiences. Some of our friends were apparently traumatised for life. Ah well.


" velcro my remote controls together "

That's very clever. I approve. Also of the word uberdoofer.


and to think all this while I thought my bag jus ate pens. not just this bag too, I always buy bags that have special enclosures/pouches for holding the pens and then they always disappear which can only mean the bags eat 'em.

but don't you mean that random can be made by other people/things to you not really by you. to you random just happens.

thanks for linking to us.

edvard moonke

"one time in a million it will take you by surprise." if only she'd paid more attention to that instead of the pens...


Sam - Yes. Irreverisble, I'm told.

Clare - We are clearly of the same tribe! If you ever come round my house I'll dose you with E, turn off the lights and put on the sound of a ZX Spectrum loading.

Aishwarya - I still reckon random *can* be made.. keep reading.

Edvard - ...Is the correct answer. Go to the top of the class.

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