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The Girl

When this blog gets made into a movie I will be the first in line to buy a ticket.

Beautiful writing OE. You leave me in awe, you really do.


Even under the heaviest blanket you are beautiful.
Time and Chance , it's all we have.


it's because of her you're adored rather than respected; she made you human


i wonder how many people say " Sorry if I'm teaching your grandmother to suck cocks"......i thought it was just me......

i'm so glad i dont have to answer a comprehensive test on your posts cos it takes me a good while to work out what is going on......and then sometimes im still not sure....


And this is precisely an example of how you make a gaggle of cyber girls 'fall in love' with you. I use the quotes b/c 'fall in love' is an exaggeration of words. Nonetheless, you do something -- and dare I say more to girlies than to the hairy-chested half of the species? Your pages pour out the perfect mixture of humour, intelligence, sensitivity (I know, yuck! -- but there is something something thoughtful-sensitive), openness in your writing to make us adore you. And we do (I do) adore you.

Finally, it is a relief that you in your "irrational" obsession for Her, you were self-aware enough to know that it was irrational ... that you didn't become one of these mentalist who stalks her and preys on her thinking her yours. See, you weren't so mental.

the oe

The Girl - I'll invite you to the premiere. Thanks!

dearest isabelle - Thank you too. I may have an Easter Egg for you.

peach - She did indeed make me human; for a while I used her as my "emotional consultant" at work, running ideas past her to see how she reacted. I never told her tho!

PP - There can't be too many of us use that phrase, especially not in front of grandma! Sorry this post was so byzantine, you may turn over your examination papers... NOW.

Clarissa - Thank you likewise. I'm not as charming in real life, though, trust me.


Everyone else had made the clever comments before I got here, which is a shame really. Makes me look lazy. Its a good post, like many of them its a slight head-fuck - sort of makes you dizzy as you're reading it and then when you get to the end you go "Right then, I'd best get emailing the nice people at Typepad to tell them to cancel my account and never let me re-open it because I'm a talentless hack who shouldn't be distracting people from this stuff, which is really bloody good."

I like that I'm a long time reader by the way...it has been ages now hasn't it?


I love the simultaneous threads being held in the air at the same and the way that the chronological progress through the tale seems held in suspense while at the same time provokes a feeling a unease at the underlying action behind the apparently static narrative.

In other words, I,m a bit jealous I can't write like this.


Beth - Thanks. I've been a long-time reader of yours too, of course.

Looby - Of course! That's *exactly* what I was trying to achieve. I think...


I often drive down one way streets, I've no idea where I am most of the time, as if I'd notice some pissy little street-sign warning. Do I reverse out when half-way down some back-alley I realise "Oh fuck, I'm on a one-way street"? No! I speed up, because, well, to be honest my ability to engage reverse is a random affair.

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