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Alcohol and sharp implements, never a good mix. Except that you don't feel the pain as much after a drink so maybe I should rethink that.


Hmm. Freud claimed there's no such thing as an accident. Maybe you are shy?

And, ouch.


I can tell you why it happened.

It happened because you were putting lemon in a G&T and it really should have been lime.

Perhaps invest in some of those already frozen lemon/lime slices. You're less likely to maim yourself going into the freezer than cutting fresh/flesh.

Hope the healing process is going well.


Oh please tell me that your thumb remained "in the air the whole time, like some over-positive idiot" through out sex too. Please! Lie, if you have to.


Artful Kisser

Well, as long as it was Tanqueray... How tragic it would have been to have lost a finger over a bottle of McCormicks.


Does this mean you have one thumb that is freakishly shorter than the other?


Did the first aid work, or did you have to resort to lemon aid?


Hmm. So I take it you don't have a cat for whom the thumb tip would have made a delicious and impromptu snack? Glad to hear the incident didn't get in the way of your plans.


I prefer my gin and tonic without a thumb-tip, I think it wrecks the subtle flavour of the gin. Or something.


When you are that sloshed, the lemon is no longer necessary.

Incidentally if i were there I would have fainted.




Bad luck. I haven't read a blog-post that made me cover my mouth in horror for, I don't think, ever. Hope you grow a new one.


I saw this:


and thought of you.....x


Umm, I know being pissed and getting busy are important and everything, but did, you know, going to hospital ever cross your mind?
I hear they can help with things like that.


Angelalala - Most accidents happen in the home. Best place for them I say.

annie - trust me it was an accident.

Beth - I didn't know about frozen slices of lemon. Does it work for slices of thumb, too?

C - Oh alright then. Kneeling behind her and nearing a conclusion, I caught sight of myself in the mirror, looking back with a stupid grin and giving myself the thumbs up. Kinda spoilt the mood.

Artful Kisser - Quite so. Should really have been a dirty martini though.

clarissa - No, but it does have a sort of lump out the end.

Brom - Your taxi's here.

Ariel - That's what I like about pets. They pretend to be our friends and everything, but its always implicit - any slip-up on your part, like dying on them in the house, and they'll eat you. No hesitation.

camille - Try gin with a little white vermouth; just a finger.

blueseaurchin - You're right. The lemon is unnecessary. I'll know who not to call the next time I have a nightcap crisis.

isabelle - You could have kissed it better.

BiB - never read a blog post made you cover your mouth in horror?! Stick around.

Timbo - hello, long time no anything. I did wonder later, what exactly I'd have done if the injury had been any worse, like a centimetre or two.


ooh never had tanqueray...I'm a whore for Bombay Sapphire....but after that I'm craving a G&T


you're almost getting as tardy as me with your updating!
hope all is well

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