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An Unreliable Witness

Blimey, that was unexpected.
Looking forward to your return, wherever and whenever that might be.


Your tides have been most irregular recently, OE. But like flotsam on the sand you - erm - washed, waves, other seaside things.

Good luck!!!


Unexpected to see an update. Not so unexpected to see a good-bye. x


...in which case I hope for Pareidolia's beginning.
And pockets full of all sorts.


When I saw there was a post from you in my Google Reader my first reaction was "Wow!".

Sad to see you won't be blogging here anymore but I hope you're keeping well and that you'll be back in some way in the future.


Girl with a one track mind

Best of luck with everything OE. I hope you continue writing (you are much missed); I hope we will continue to be able to enjoy your writing somehow, too.


I was momentarily excited there for a minute too, but just to say it was great reading you. It even ended so beautifully. I will be tracking you down if you havre the urge to start it up again. Best wishes with everything.


Take care, sir. May life be a grand adventure.


Words, like the shadow cast by his sandcastle in the warm evening sun, are etched on memories...random is as random does.


you were always good with mystery. just when you come back remember us, it will be fun. x


right when we decide to come back to blogging! I good you bid evening.


bye OE, you are great.

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